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Mount Zion Missionary     Baptist Church, Altoona, PA.


Youth Zone

(Matthew 19:14) Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven  belongs to such as these.”.

Mission Statement

Empowering Youth. Celebrating Greatness!



Youth are considered the most productive members of society, and the future leaders of tomorrow due to their physical and intellectual capacity. However, there are some youth who are unable to demonstrate their potential life’s worth due to lack of guidance or poor choices.   Today a large number of youth engage in antisocial activities, which create social problems like alcoholism, drug abuse, sexual abuse, substance abuse etc. These habits deteriorate their physical and intellectual capabilities and can be a burden to society. Youths are at risk of engaging in many antisocial activities that adversely affects other members of society.

Taking Control – will teach empowerment, communication, life option, applications, recovery from addiction, suicide prevention, behavioral health, bullying, sexual relationships, Whats Legal & Appropriate and What's Not and health care within the  classes to be announced.

The goals for the Taking Control program are to; 

  1. help the individual(s) improve their decision making skills
  2. adapt positive behavior that will enable the individual(s) to deal with the challenges of everyday life
  3. improve their contributions to society 
  4. improve confidence and knowledge of the learners skill set through presentation materials
  5. become a referral source for community services 

Taking Control  aims to provide students with strategies to make good and healthy lifestyle choices that contribute to a meaningful life and promote mental well being and competence as they face the realities of life. We further aim to help young people take positive action steps to protect themselves and to promote healthy and meaningful social relationships.   


         REGISTRATION IS OPEN - PROGRAM STARTS SEPTEMBER 2019                                                                                                                                      

For further details click on the attached flyer below.

Our Youth of today are our leaders of tomorrow!  Lets get excited When it comes to teaching children about prayer, praise and worship! If we can get them on board and     teach them to really understand what our Lord can do for   them in their lives,  they will most likely grow up enjoying a fulfilling relationship with God! Lets make them a priority in the church. 
Join the Mount Zion family for Youth Fellowship every 4th Sunday of the month! 6-18 All visitors welcome!