Welcome to

Mount Zion Missionary     Baptist Church, Altoona, PA.

Ministries of Mount Zion 


We want you to have a real sense of belonging at Mount Zion.  We can only be successful in this when you get to know our congregation, the various ministries and the church leaders.  In addition to this, you will be successful when you find your spiritual gift.  Through your gift you will find ways to serve the Lord and make a difference to our community, the congregation and the lives of others!


We have many ministries in the church that not only exist to serve those who attend our church, but they also provide ways in which you can be a part of serving others outside of the church


Please speak with Pastor, First Lady, the Clergy, or your Deacon Family Ministry, about your spiritual gift and where you believe you can work to God’s glory in the ministry of your calling!    

Our ministries include:

Audio Ministry

Choir Ministry 
Clergy Ministry 
Communications Ministry 
Diaconate Ministry 
Missionary Ministry 
New Members Ministry
Prayer Line Ministry
Transportation Ministry
Trustee Ministry 
Usher Ministry
Women of Excellence Ministry
Youth Fellowship Ministry